April 2016

DCSD school board member accused of bullying student suspended from position with Girl Scouts — 4/26/16 (Denver Channel)
DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. – Douglas County School Board Director Judi Reynolds, who is under internal investigation for allegedly bullying a student, has been suspended and since resigned from her position with Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Access of two Douglas County school board members to student at Ponderosa raises security questions — 4/25/16 (Denver Channel)
DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. – Just under a week after Ponderosa High School student Grace Davis stood in front of the Douglas County School Board and confessed her disappointment for how she was treated in a closed door meeting with Directors Meghann Silverthorn and Judy Reynolds, a third-party investigator still hasn’t been chosen according to a district spokesperson.

School district, state come to agreement for repayment of student funding — 4/24/16 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School District and the Colorado Department of Education have reached an agreement regarding a dispute over student-attendance calculations that resulted in $4.2 million being owed to the state.

Semi-Automatic Rifles in a Colorado School — 4/22/16 (The Atlantic)
Security officers at schools in Colorado’s Douglas County School District will soon be armed with semi-automatic Bushmaster rifles.

Dougco schools plan to issue semiautomatic weapons to security staff (3 letters) — 4/22/16 (Denver Post)

Dougco schools’ semiautomatic rifles are an overreaction — 4/22/16 (Denver Post – Editorial Board)
OPINION: Douglas County schools’ decision to purchase Bushmaster semiautomatic rifles for its security officers is a symbol of the overreaction that sometimes plagues well-meaning school violence efforts.

Colorado school district arming security officers with semi-automatic rifles — 4/21/16 (The Guardian)
A Colorado school district is arming its security staff with semi-automatic rifles in an unprecedented move that gun control advocates fear could be the start of a dangerous trend of bringing high-powered firearms into US classrooms.

Semi-Automatics Are Already Used By School Police. So Why The Uproar In Douglas County? — 4/21/16 (Colorado Public Radio)
Douglas County school district’s decision to give some of its security staff access to semi-automatic weapons is raising questions with national safety experts – and some parents.

Student claims intimidation by Douglas County school board members — 4/20/16 (Denver Post)
A high school sophomore in Douglas County is demanding the resignations of two school board members after she said they tried to scare her out of holding a protest at Ponderosa High School last month over teacher turnover in the district.

Two Douglas County School Board members accused of bullying student — 4/20/16 (Denver Post)
Grace Davis, a 16-year-old Ponderosa High School student is asking for the resignations of two Douglas County School Board members, who she says bullied and intimidated her in a private meeting after Davis organized a student protest. Davis videotaped the closed-door meeting.

School board members face intimidation probe — 4/20/16 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School Board agreed April 19 to launch an independent investigation into board President Meghann Silverthorn and Vice President Judith Reynolds after 16-year-old Ponderosa student Grace Davis said she was intimidated and bullied by the pair in a private meeting about the March protest she organized at the school.

Douglas County School District buys 10 long rifles — 4/20/16 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School District has purchased 10 semi-automatic long rifles to be used by the security staff in the event of an active-shooter situation.

Colorado School District to Arm Its Security Patrol With Semi-Automatic Rifles — 4/19/16 (ABC News)
A school district in central Colorado announced on Monday that it has upped the firepower for its armed security patrol division, reigniting a debate about what some see as the over-militarization of school security personnel.

Douglas County schools to issue semiautomatic rifles to security staff — 4/18/16 (Denver Post)
The Douglas County School District plans to arm its security staff with 10 semiautomatic rifles designed to provide a high-powered defense in the event of a shooting or other violent incident.

Douglas County School District buys 10 semi-automatic assault rifles — 4/18/16 (Denver Channel)
DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. – They aren’t police officers but a local school district will soon have the same weapons carried by law enforcement. The Douglas County School District purchased 10 semi-automatic assault rifles for its armed patrol division.

Douglas County School District buys 10 long rifles — 4/18/16 (9News)
DOUGLAS COUNTY – Armed school security officers in Douglas County will soon be issued semi-automatic rifles to help protect students in the event of a shooting.

Conditional teacher turnover data reflects internal promotions — 4/11/16 (Douglas County News-Press)
A more detailed state report on teacher turnover revealed that 186 teachers in the Douglas County School District were promoted or took other positions within the district during the 2015-16 term.

Teacher turnover in Douglas County School District rises above state average — 4/4/16 (Douglas County News-Press)
Teacher turnover in the Douglas County School District has risen above the state average, according to newly released data by the Colorado Department of Education.