A Look at Transparency in DCSD

UPDATE as of April 2, 2013: Within 3 weeks of the publication of this graphic, the Douglas County School District: Sent their Annual Report to all District parents (see email here). Quick Facts still haven't been provided Fulfilled an open … [Read more...]

Honoring Teachers in DCSD

Congratulations to all the Apple Award recipients in Douglas County School District. Your dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated by the students, parents and community! More information and source links: Full list of nominees and … [Read more...]

Public Input Devalued in DCSD

Douglas County School District's Strategic Plan provides commitments to the public which speak to valuing input from parents and families and engaging the public. Recent actions devalue public input as described in the above chart. In December of … [Read more...]

Transparency Inspires Trust

Transparency inspires trust. To learn more about how often and why local school boards meet behind closed doors, the Strong Schools Coalition analyzed the amount of time local school boards met in executive session (closed to the public) in 2012. … [Read more...]

Restore Our Schools _Part 2

Compared to our neighbor, Cherry Creek School District, DCSD has significant variances between projections and actuals preventing precious dollars from being used most effectively in our schools. DCSD's General Fund Balance has more than quadrupled … [Read more...]

Restore Our Schools

Douglas County did not have to cut High School and Middle School budgets this year -- it is time to restore school budgets for the 2013-14 school year. To see complete information including a timeline and source links, CLICK HERE. … [Read more...]

DCSD Budget Cut History

Douglas County School District has gone through multiple years of difficult budget cuts. This timeline provides an overview of the cuts and the growth to the fund balance during that same time period. Sources cited: Budget cut amounts are on … [Read more...]

Recent Trends in DCSD

DCSD continues to experience growth in the number of students and administrators, while the number of teachers has declined in recent years. The student-to-teacher ratio is higher than neighboring school districts. Revenues after expenditures … [Read more...]

2012 DCSD Year in Review

2012 was a busy year in Douglas County School District when it came to financial and transparency concerns. This infographic provides headlines from stories throughout 2012. To read each of the articles, visit the In the News page of the website. … [Read more...]