TELL Survey Results 2013 – DCSD

The Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Colorado survey is an anonymous statewide survey of licensed, school-based educators to assess teaching conditions at the school, district and state level. (Note: teachers and principals in … [Read more...]

Thank You, Teachers

Teachers are the lifeblood of our schools and strong schools succeed because of high quality teachers! Thank you for all you do!   … [Read more...]

The DCSD Bond Rating

How much money should the school district hold in its fund balance to maintain its high bond rating? This is a common question we have received and would like to address with this timeline: Douglas County School District’s Credit Rating … [Read more...]

Public Input Survey

A recent survey elicited 235 responses and 43 pages of comments and recommendations on how the Douglas County School Board can better meet its commitments “to value parents’ ideas, opinions and concerns” and “to engage our community members as … [Read more...]

Our First Year

We are excited to celebrate our one-year anniversary and we would like to take this time to thank all of our members and volunteers for your support over the past year. We are proud to represent you and your interests. Strong community support … [Read more...]

A Look at Transparency in DCSD

UPDATE as of April 2, 2013: Within 3 weeks of the publication of this graphic, the Douglas County School District: Sent their Annual Report to all District parents (see email here). Quick Facts still haven't been provided Fulfilled an open … [Read more...]

Honoring Teachers in DCSD

Congratulations to all the Apple Award recipients in Douglas County School District. Your dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated by the students, parents and community! More information and source links: Full list of nominees and … [Read more...]

Public Input Devalued in DCSD

Douglas County School District's Strategic Plan provides commitments to the public which speak to valuing input from parents and families and engaging the public. Recent actions devalue public input as described in the above chart. In December of … [Read more...]

Transparency Inspires Trust

Transparency inspires trust. To learn more about how often and why local school boards meet behind closed doors, the Strong Schools Coalition analyzed the amount of time local school boards met in executive session (closed to the public) in 2012. … [Read more...]

Vote on your favorite infographic

The Strong Schools Coalition values transparency and data! We know information is powerful when it is presented in an organized manner that is easy to understand and process. We hope you have appreciated the graphics released this month and we would … [Read more...]