DCSD Releases Inaccurate Information


Public school districts have an obligation to report accurate and complete Student Assessment Performance data. Therefore, the Strong Schools Coalition is concerned that inaccurate and misleading Student Assessment Performance data was released by the Douglas County School District on August 15th. To date, the District has not informed the parents and community members who received this inaccurate information that the data released was in error and that a correction has been made. On August 21st, the District re-released Student Assessment Performance data as part of their Newsline, failing to mention that previous data was incorrect, omitting 2009 and 2010 and switching column headers so the data no longer aligns with the previously released data.

This is the second time the Strong Schools Coalition has discovered DCSD releasing inaccurate information. The previous time was in regards to high school instructional time. Our request for a public correction was ignored.

Student Assessment Performance timeline:

AUGUST 15, 2013

Douglas County School District releases a Special Edition Newsline with Student Performance data showing a 3 to 7 point increase in all areas of content. The Strong Schools Coalition compares the data with the Colorado Department of Education CSAP and TCAP results and finds very different results.

August 15th Newsline
Colorado Department of Education CSAP/TCAP results

AUGUST 21, 2013

DCSD releases their Newsline with new Student Performance data which aligns to the data found on the Colorado Department of Education website. However, this article is not featured prominently, does not mention that the prior information was incorrect and the chart has been changed significantly making it nearly impossible to compare the new chart with the prior chart. For example, two years of data were removed, the color coding for years is changed, and the order in which subject areas are reported have been changed.

August 21st Newsline

AUGUST 22, 2013

Our Colorado News report “TCAP Results Not as Bright after Correction” covers the inaccurate TCAP results, the District’s admission that the data was an error and the fact that new results show no significant improvement.

Our Colorado News article “TCAP Results Not as Bright after Correction”

AUGUST 26, 2013

The Strong Schools Coalition writes a letter to local chambers and business organizations in response to a posting on the DCSD Facebook page, showing a member of the South Metro Chamber and the Northwest Douglas County Economic Development Corporation have mistakenly believed that the Student Assessment Performance data released on August 15th is accurate.

Letter to Chambers
Link to DCSD Facebook page