General Fund Balance Comparisons Across School Districts


2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Douglas County $20,188,058 $20,620,947 $46,093,727 $66,438,139 $83,093,701
Cherry Creek $14,936,150 $23,479,669 $38,519,066 $45,628,667 $43,011,124
JeffCO $110,477,321 $97,766,584 $79,460,466 $54,761,088 $36,054,553
Littleton  $19,150,961 $15,047,224 $15,097,978 $30,677,362 $37,064,026

Source: The Ending General Fund Balances are from the audited financials or Comprehensive Audited Financial Reports (CAFRs) of each school district. The GAAP Basis Ending Fund Balances are used in order to compare across school districts. Some school districts use budgetary basis and some use GAAP basis for budgeting. In order to be able to compare across school districts, the audited financials must be used as all school districts must report their Ending Fund Balance in GAAP Basis.To see an example of a school district that uses budgetary basis, view page 60 of the Cherry Creek School District’s CAFR. The highlighted numbers at the bottom of the page depict the ending General Fund balance according to budgetary basis and and according to GAAP basis.  The GAAP basis is used to compare to Douglas County School District, as DCSD only reports under GAAP basis. Using the GAAP basis numbers is required in order to present an “apples-to-apples” comparison. 


DCSD CAFRs can be downloaded at
Cherry Creek CAFRs can be downloaded at
JeffCo CAFRs can be downloaded at
Littleton CAFRs can be downloaded at