Give Voters a Choice: Add a Bond Initiative to the Election

UPDATE:  The Douglas County Board of Education has decided against placing a bond initiative on the November 2015 ballot, allowing property tax rates to decline and ignoring the results of the community feedback survey that was conducted by the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC).  Even though the LRPC’s feedback included a “concern about a long term strategy to address capital needs”, as of September 9th, 2015, the Board of Education has not identified a long term plan to address the $275 million* in capital needs that is expected to grow $25-$35 million per year.

Below are two slides from the LRPC’s presentation to the Board of Education at their April 21, 2015 meeting summarizing community feedback regarding how to address the district’s capital needs.  To view the entire LRPC presentation, click here.

*$275 million in capital needs identified as of June 2014.




Douglas County School District’s Board of Education is currently considering whether or not to place a bond initiative on the ballot in November of 2015.  The Long Range Planning Committee, who has been hosting several presentations regarding the district’s capital needs, will be presenting feedback they received from community forums and online submissions at the April 21st Board of Education meeting.

The amount of property taxes that support public education was calculated using the mill levy rates list on Master Capital Plan presentation and the property tax calculation on the Douglas County Assessor website.


 District   Mill Rate Impact on
$350,000 home
 Cherry Creek 57.492 $1601.73
 Littleton 56.985 $1587.60
 Jefferson Co. 50.369 $1403.28
 Denver 49.299 $1373.47
 Douglas Co. 48.277 $1345.00

For more information regarding the Douglas County School District’s Master Capital Plan, including informational videos, Master Capital Plan presentations and the 2014-15 Master Capital Plan document, please click here.

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Note: The Douglas County School District’s website has been updated since this page was created. The Master Capital Plan for 2014-15 can now be found here.