Make Your Voice Heard!

Click to read entire Master Capital Plan

Click to read entire Master Capital Plan

Douglas County School District Chief Financial Officer stated at two Master Capital Forums that without the passage of a bond in 2015, the district could be facing a cut of 11% or $741 in per pupil revenue. That equates to an average impact of $370,500 per year at each elementary school (500 students), $741,000 at each middle school (1,000 students) and $1,482,000 at each high school (2,000 students).

Strong Schools Coalition is urging all parents, teachers and community members to become informed and engaged:

  • Visit Douglas County School District’s website to learn more about the district’s capital needs and find a listing of upcoming Master Capital Plan forums. (Click Here)
  • Provide feedback regarding a proposed bond initiative being placed on the 2015 ballot. Placing a bond initiative on the 2015 ballot is the first step towards preventing cuts to our schools. Restoring trust and gaining support for a ballot measure is important. Be sure to include any questions and/or concerns the Board of Education needs to address to increase support for a future bond. (Click Here for feedback form)
  • Ask other Douglas County residents to provide their feedback as well.

The current proposed bond measure would not raise property tax rates and would only fund $200 million of the district’s $275 million identified capital needs. Without the passage of a bond in 2015, Douglas County property tax rates will drop, making it more difficult to pass a future bond initiative that would necessitate an increase in tax rates.

Strong Schools Coalition would like to thank Julie Keim for sending us this letter outlining the potential cuts to our schools.