Media Stories Related to Transparency Concerns

Douglas County School Board executive session questioned  — 12/21/12
Under questioning from a resident, Douglas County School Board members defended their Dec. 13 executive session. The nearly two-hour sessions are commonplace under the current board, but Cindy Barnard isn’t sure they’re warranted.

Tensions continue in Douglas County Schools  — 8/16/12
CASTLE ROCK – It’s not unusual to see Brian Malone behind a camera. He is a documentary filmmaker. But, it is unusual to see him in a legal fight with one of the largest school districts in the state.

Dougco school board asked to bring to light possible ballot initiative  — 8/15/12
A community group has asked that the Douglas County School District Board of Education bring to light a possible educational reform ballot initiative they say the board discussed behind closed doors at its July 26 meeting.

School board changes public-comment rules  — 8/15/12
In the wake of a July meeting that devolved into shouting among board and audience members, the Douglas County School Board changed the time at which it hears public comment, a move to which even those who typically support the board object.

Dougco lifts ban against ejected journalist | EdNewsColorado  — 8/15/12
The Douglas County School District today lifted its order prohibiting journalist Brian Malone from coming onto district property to record school board meetings, after the American Civil Liberties Union intervened on Malone’s behalf.

Douglas County schools reverses cameraman ban after pressure  — 8/15/12
The Douglas County School District has reversed its decision to ban a video photographer who crossed the line where media was instructed to stay behind at a recent meeting from attending future school board meetings.

School district agrees to drop restrictions on journalist  — 8/15/12
After it was put on notice by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Douglas County School District called off its order banning a Castle Rock journalist from school board meetings.

Survey stirs questions about ballot issue  — 8/14/12
A research firm is conducting a survey of some Douglas County residents about school district issues that include potential ballot questions, but district officials say they know little about it.

Campaigns gear up for school tax votes  — 8/14/12
Fundraisers already are hard at work corralling contributors for the campaigns supporting proposed tax increases in key Colorado school districts….The Denver and Douglas County boards haven’t decided on ballot proposals.

Voices: A call for transparency in Dougco  — 8/10/12
A key component for building trust and cohesiveness in a school district revolves around transparency and accountability. The Douglas County school board has violated that trust with its public.

School district clarifies order to journalist removed from meeting  — 8/10/12
Two days after Douglas County School District officials ejected a freelance journalist from a board meeting, the district amended its order barring Brian Malone from school property.

School officials eject journalist  — 8/10/12
A Douglas County journalist was escorted from the Douglas County School Board’s Aug. 7 meeting and cited for disrupting a lawful assembly after he stepped out of a taped-off area the district had designated for video cameras.

Filmmaker tossed from Douglas County school board meeting  — 8/10/12
It’s been a pretty hot summer, not just across the Front Range but within the confines of the Douglas County school board’s meeting room where tempers have flared and discussions have often been heated.  This week, the situation boiled over when a local parent and independent filmmaker was removed from the meeting by four Castle Rock police officers after he and his camera crossed a line members of the media were supposed to stay behind.

Petition urges revelation by school board  — 8/9/12
The Strong Schools Coalition started a petition Aug. 8 it hopes will spur the Douglas County School Board to give details on its July 26 executive session.  The group has twice asked the board to share its discussion during the closed-door session, after which the board voted unanimously to reserve space on the November ballot for an election question. Board members wouldn’t describe the issue further, only noting it likely would focus on education reform.

School officials eject journalist  — 8/8/12
A Douglas County journalist was escorted from the Douglas County School Board’s Aug. 7 meeting and cited for disrupting a lawful assembly after he stepped out of a taped-off area the district had designated for video cameras.

School issues prompt websites, Facebook pages  — 8/7/12
There’s no shortage of opinions about the Douglas County School Board. That’s reflected in an abundance of websites and Facebook pages that have sprung up in the past couple of years, offering insight and opinions about current, often controversial educational issues.

School board bucks political criticism  — 8/3/12
Though most of Douglas County’s school board members make no bones about their Republican affiliation, Colorado’s school boards were designed to be nonpartisan.

Group wants look behind school board’s closed-door session  — 8/3/12
A schools-focused community group wants the Douglas County School Board to open up about the executive session it held during a July 26 special meeting.

School board saves space for mystery ballot issue  — 8/1/12
The Douglas County School Board voted July 26 to reserve a space on the November ballot, but didn’t indicate a specific subject, or confirm it will put an issue on the ballot.

Dougco reserves ballot space, unclear why  — 7/27/12
CASTLE ROCK – Douglas County school board members on Thursday approved a resolution holding space on the November ballot but they have yet to give specifics about what they might put before voters.