DCSD In the News – June 2015

State’s highest court says voucher program unconstitutional — 6/30/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Colorado Supreme Court ruled against the Douglas County School District’s Choice Scholarship Program, agreeing with a lower court that it violates the state constitution.

Douglas County officials might seek U.S. Supreme Court decision on voucher program — 6/29/15 (Chalkbeat)
CASTLE ROCK — Douglas County School District officials said Monday they may seek a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of their voucher program.

State Supreme Court Turns Back Douglas County School Voucher Program — 6/29/15 (Colorado Public Radio)
Colorado’s Supreme Court Monday ruled against a controversial attempt by Douglas County to set up a school voucher program, saying it violated Colorado’s constitutional separation between church and state.

Colorado Supreme Court squashes Douglas County school voucher program — 6/29/15 (Fox31)
DENVER — The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Douglas County School District’s voucher program is in violation of the state’s Constitution.

Colorado Supreme Court strikes down school voucher program — 6/29/15 (The Washington Post)
The Colorado Supreme Court struck down a voucher program in the state’s third-largest school district Monday, finding the program unconstitutional because it channels public funds to religious schools and issuing a blow to advocates of private school choice.

Judgment reversed on DougCo vouchers — 6/29/15 (9News)
DENVER – On Monday, the Colorado Supreme Court announced they were reversing the lower court’s decision in the case of Taxpayers for Public Education, et. al, v. Douglas County School District, et. al.

Colorado Supreme Court rejects Douglas County voucher program — 6/29/15 (Denver Post)
The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday shot down the Douglas County School District’s groundbreaking, controversial school voucher program, finding it unconstitutional in a split ruling.

Colorado Supreme Court rules Douglas County School District school voucher is unconstitutional — 6/29/15 (7News)
DENVER – The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that Douglas County’s school voucher program is unconstitutional.

State audit finds Douglas County owes $4.2 million — 6/26/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Colorado Department of Education says the Douglas County School District owes it $4.2 million for 1,100 students it shows attended school part-time, but received full-time state funding.

Audit: DougCo schools owe state $4.2 million — 6/26/15 (Denver Channel)
After an audit found Douglas County schools owes the state $4.2 million, the Superintendent sent a letter to parents blaming a documentation issue and calling the decision “illogical.”

DougCo Schools ordered to pay $4.2 million — 6/25/15 (9News)
DOUGLAS COUNTY – The Douglas County School District owes the state $4.2 million after a Colorado Department of Education audit found the district was overpaid for the number of full-time students enrolled.

Douglas County School District fighting state over student count — 6/25/15 (Denver Post)
The Douglas County School District is staring at a $4.2 million bill from the state — and the district is fighting back.

Dougco threatens state in enrollment count dispute — 6/25/15 (Chalkbeat Colorado)
Leaders of the Douglas County School District say they’ll sue the Colorado Department of Education in a $4.2 million dispute over counting of high school enrollment.

John Adams naming dispute ends between California, Colorado schools — 6/22/15 (Denver Post)
A California school has dropped a challenge it lodged against a future Douglas County charter high school over the use of the name John Adams.

School officials explore meaning of survey — 6/19/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School District crunched some of the numbers on the 2015 state teachers’ survey, concluding there’s plenty of encouraging news, but some areas that merit further study.

District’s top chef leaving — 6/15/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Douglas County School District’s executive chef Jason Morse, who joined the Nutrition Services team in 2011, is leaving his post June 30.

Douglas County School District plans to give staff raises — 6/15/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School District plans to give staff, on average, a 3.2 percent pay increase and absorb the increased cost of medical benefits and required retirement fund contributions.

John Adams High caught in name game — 6/15/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
A California school has threatened legal action against the newly approved John Adams High School for use of the name “John Adams.”

Letter: Lack of collaboration hurting schools — 6/12/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
It is disheartening at best to watch members of the Douglas County School Board react in a disingenuous and self-serving way when addressing issues facing the district. Not long ago, one board member indicated that voters in the district did not vote for a previous bond issue because they did not like how the state funded schools. In fact, most voters are not aware of how the state goes about funding schools. The last request by the district for an increase in funds for capital improvements probably would have passed had the board not alienated significant numbers of the community who would have been most supportive of such a measure.

‘Customers’ not buying school district rhetoric — 6/12/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
I have been stewing about an article I read in the Denver Post Your Hub section about a month ago. It was written by Douglas County School Board President Kevin Larsen. In the article, Mr. Larsen kept referring to the students and parents of Douglas County as “customers.” I am a retired teacher from another district and I would never have referred to any of my students or their parents as “customers.” This shows where Mr. Larsen’s thinking lies in relation to DCSD.

Flagstone parents press for answers — 6/8/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Several angry Flagstone Elementary School parents asked the Douglas County School Board for action and answers during its June 2 meeting. They did not immediately get either.

Community group has eye on school elections — 6/8/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
A community group active in the last Douglas County school board election is gearing up for November 2015, when three seats on the reform-focused board will be up for grabs.

Saddle Ranch community rallies for staff — 6/7/15 (Lone Tree Voice)
Alarmed by the departure of 10 of its teachers, Saddle Ranch Elementary parents and students held a last-day-of-school appreciation rally for the staff. About 40 participants gathered at the school’s main entrance June 4, welcoming teachers with applause, cheers and signs declaring support as they reported for work.