DCSD in the News – September 2014

Colorado School Protests Roil Swing State Politics — 9/30/14 (abcnews.com)
The protests over a Colorado school district’s proposal to promote patriotism and de-emphasize civil disobedience in American history classes have found their way into the state’s marquee midterm election races, injecting a volatile issue two weeks before early voting ballots land in mailboxes across the state.

Minecraft coming to classroom near you
— 9/30/14 (Lone Tree Voice)
Explosive interest among elementary school students in the gaming platform Minecraft could change the way kids learn.

Parents share frustrations about school — 9/30/14 (Lone Tree Voice)
Emotional parents packed the gymnasium at Copper Mesa Elementary on Sept. 23 to share concerns about their school with Douglas County School District leaders.

Jefferson County Public Schools faces crisis over school board changes — 9/28/14 (Denver Post)
In Jefferson County, it’s not unusual for people who have long since graduated from high school to attend their alma mater’s football games.

Colorado has blizzard of state tests — 9/28/14 (Denver Post)
Re:”In Colorado, most know the value of school testing,” Aug. 20 editorial.
Guest Commentary: The Denver Post claims the small number of “parent refusals” (parents who refused to allow their student to take the state test) was a vote of confidence in Colorado’s battery of assessments. We believe The Post got it wrong.

Teachers say not much has changed in history classes — 9/26/14 (Denver Post)
More than a month into the Jefferson County school year, Wheat Ridge High School teacher Stephanie Rossi is covering the creation of the colonies in her Advanced Placement U.S. history course.

Your Voice: Douglas County School District: Best. Year. Ever. — 9/25/14 (Denver Post)
By Kevin Larsen, President, Douglas County School District Board of Education
It’s hard to believe that fall break for Douglas County School District (DCSD) is just around the corner. After dozens of school visits, forums with parents, and meetings with staff members, I believe this year is shaping up to be the best year ever in DCSD.

Fed and state leaders tour local schools — 9/23/14 (Highlands Ranch Herald)
Three Douglas County elementary schools fairly buzzed with a combination of excitement, nerves and pride Sept. 16 when federal and state leaders toured their buildings as part of the 2014 Green Strides Best Practices Tour.

Running for technology — 9/23/14 (Highlands Ranch Herald)
When Bear Canyon Elementary students arrived at school on Sept. 19, every kid had a bright green T-shirt on their desk to wear that day.

Union leader critical of education reform — 9/22/14 (Highlands Ranch Herald)
A national teachers’ union representative gave a slide presentation to some Douglas County teachers that casts a negative light on the school district’s education reform policies.

Campaign ad doesn’t represent school district — 9/22/14 (Highlands Ranch Herald)
Douglas County School District officials said a woman identified as a teacher in Douglas County on a pro-Amendment 68 advertisement does not represent or speak for DCSD.

School board to seek state waiver — 9/20/14 (Lone Tree Voice)
A parent group is circulating a petition urging the Douglas County School Board to host community meetings about some potential school district changes.

Department of Education visits Colorado’s ‘green’ schools — 9/16/14 (9News)
KUSA – The federal government wants to recognize schools that teach and practice being environmental. Representatives from the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbons Schools program are taking the Green Strides Tour through Colorado.

Your Voice: Douglas County School District encourages parent engagement — 9/16/14 (Denver Post)
By Meghann Silverthorn, DCSD Board of Education Director
The Douglas County School District (DCSD) is proud to serve the community with 84 different schools, each with unique programs, opportunities, and environments.

Parker Core Knowledge turns 20 — 9/12/14 (Lone Tree Voice)
Parents who describe their experience with Parker Core Knowledge use the same words and phrases — sense of family, core virtues, discipline and love. Those whose children have graduated from the Parker school express a shared sentiment: Theirs is a combination of gratitude and sadness.

School lunch serves up state’s best — 9/11/14 (Parker Chronicle)
Mammoth Elementary School students could scarcely wait to get up close and personal with Parker mayor Mike Waid and Douglas County School Board president Kevin Larsen.

Colorado school districts roll the dice on $1.4B in tax increase measures — 9/9/14 (Chalkbeat CO)
Will 2014 be the year that voters in Colorado school districts loosen up their wallets and approve well more than $1 billion in local tax increases for school construction and operations?

Teachers rated ineffective are leaving Douglas County School District — 9/9/14 (Denver Post)
More teachers are leaving the Douglas County School District this year, but the district said most of those leaving are low-performing teachers.

Schools take closer look at turnover — 9/5/14 (Highlands Ranch Herald)
The Douglas County School District says the Colorado Department of Education’s statistics don’t accurately reflect local teacher turnover.

Students take active roles in suicide prevention program in Douglas County Schools — 9/3/14 (Fox31 Denver)
DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — September is suicide prevention month and the Douglas County School District is taking several steps aimed at the tragedy, which has become all too familiar.