July 2015 Archived News Stories

Evolution of teacher evaluations is leading performance pay reforms — 7/28/15 (Denver Post)
Colorado’s three largest school districts are pushing to reform the way they pay teachers based on new measures of performance despite disputes with unions and mixed data about what it achieves.

Douglas County voucher case could go one more round — 7/11/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School District’s plea for the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the voucher case will be among 10,000 such requests the court receives annually. It grants and hears oral argument in less than 1 percent of those cases.

Guest Commentary: School voucher decision stops discrimination in the name of religion — 7/8/15 (Denver Post)
Opinion: Critics of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to strike down an unconstitutional Douglas County school voucher program that diverted taxpayer money to religious schools, including The Denver Post Editorial Board, have claimed that the constitutional provision on which the decision was based was “steeped in the anti-Catholic bigotry of the 19th century.” This is simply not true.

Letters to the Editor: Debating the ruling on Douglas County school vouchers (2 letters) — 7/5/15 (Denver Post)
Re: “A regrettable ruling on Dougco school voucher program,” June 30 editorial

Douglas County school voucher supporters eye bigger legal fight — 7/5/15 (Denver Post)
Shortly after the Colorado Supreme Court rejected Douglas County schools’ pioneering voucher program last week, officials from the district all but pledged to seek relief from the highest court in the land, enlisting help from the “top legal minds in the United States.”

Meyer: Dougco’s school voucher ruse — 7/4/15 (Denver Post)
Opinion: Hours after the Colorado Supreme Court ruling was announced against the Douglas County school voucher program, district officials gathered to publicly denounce the decision.