October 2015

Dougco incumbents raise modest money, but reports don’t tell full story — 10/31/15 (Chalkbeat – Colorado)
Undisclosed outside funds may be bigger factor in races: Three incumbents seeking election to the Douglas County school board have raised only about $12,000 in campaign contributions, compared to a total of just over $64,000 for their three challengers.

Smoke screen of outside money, complex disclosure laws obscure spending in school board races — 10/30/15 (Chalkbeat – Colorado)
Good luck if you’re trying to follow the money in Colorado’s increasingly expensive and contentious school board races.

A student’s words to the school board — 10/28/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Editor’s Note: Julia Martin, a Douglas County School District seventh-grader, spoke to the Douglas County Board of Education during public comment at the Oct. 20 meeting. Here is what she wrote and why she presented it to the board.

Mountain Vista High School election forum shows power of students — 10/26/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
It’s a rainy morning on Oct. 21, and the students of Mountain Vista Media are hard at work in the high school’s newsroom.

Letter: A new way to fund capital needs? — 10/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Since the Douglas County School Board will not allow voters to decide if funds for school capital needs are needed, where are they going to get money to repair/update our schools?

Letter: What’s with the painted cars? — 10/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Have you wondered why cars around Douglas County are painted with the names “Lemieux, Ray, Vogel?”

Letter: Partisan divide prevents progress — 10/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The three partisan letters to the editor in your Oct. 15 issue concerning the Douglas County School Board were disappointing.

Letter: Out with the incumbents on school board — 10/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Because I am not interested in my tax money going to educational corporations, which will happen after Douglas County fails the high-stakes test, closes its public schools, and opens charter schools throughout the district, I urge everyone to vote for Lemieux, Ray and Vogel in the school board election.

Letter: Incumbents have schools on correct path — 10/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School Board election in November is about only one thing.

Letter: Conservative values good for school board — 10/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
I noticed several letters in last week’s issue of this newspaper, all supporting the anti-reform candidates for Douglas County School Board.

Letter: Take the path to change on school board — 10/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Instead of taking the high road – comparing issues, policies and proposals – in the Douglas County School District Board of Education race, pro-incumbent campaign mailers from the Douglas County Republican Party (what’s wrong with that picture?) and an enigmatic group calling itself Douglas County Education Alliance rely mainly on the less informative diversionary tactics of personal ad hominem attack and “bogyman alarm.”

Dougco incumbents tout district success, challengers criticize board culture — 10/31/15 (Chalkbeat – Colorado)
Familiar divisions over teacher morale and pay, board openness and district spending were highlighted at a Douglas County school board candidate forum held just two weeks before election day.

Douglas County School Board candidates weigh in on survey, teacher morale at forum — 10/20/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The six candidates for Douglas County School Board agree on the need for a student and parent survey.
On other points, the three challengers and three incumbents diverged sharply during a forum at SkyView Academy in Highlands Ranch on Oct. 19.

Challengers lead in school board race donations in Douglas County — 10/20/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
In contrast to recent Douglas County School Board races, candidates challenging the school district’s reform policies have raised more money than their opponents as of the first reporting deadline.

Group says school email spotlighted hours shortfall — 10/18/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Based on information from a recent public records request, the parents and community members of the Strong Schools Coalition say the Douglas County School District knew of a potential shortfall in high school instructional time more than a year before it said it did.

Letter: Let’s regain control of schools — 10/14/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
There is a battle occurring for control of our public schools. On one side are parents and community members who have been called everything from naive soccer moms to union thugs, anti-innovation, and anti-choice. They are none of those.

Letter: Time for change on school board — 10/14/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
I have many concerns regarding statements made by the incumbents running for the Douglas County School District Board of Education relating to their desire to support our children’s education. When they were asked about the funds needed to repair aging buildings, they replied that the buildings were “good enough.” What does that mean? Leaking roofs, ripped and torn carpet, missing ceiling tiles and failing HVAC systems are “good enough”?

Letter: School board has taken its toll — 10/14/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The financial damage inflicted by the current Douglas County Board of Education is well documented, including the $4.2 million taxpayer hit recently confirmed by Colorado Department of Education officials as avoidable had the BOE simply followed the established rules applicable to every school district in the metro area.

Information for Douglas County voters — 10/13/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Ballots for the Nov. 3 election were sent to voters early this week. Contact the Douglas County Elections Office and ask for a replacement ballot if you do not receive yours by Oct. 23.

Douglas County School Board candidate forum set — 10/12/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Douglas County voters will get a chance to hear from all six board of education candidates Oct. 19 at a candidate forum hosted by SkyView Academy.

Tech series to prepare students, parents for modern workforce — 10/5/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Castle View High School Principal Jim Calhoun wants students to know if you have a job in which you only do what you’re told, that job will be eliminated soon.