September 2015 Archived News Stories

Your Voice: How to dismantle a school district in 10 steps — 9/28/15 (Denver Post YourHub)
In 2009, a group of politicians, wealthy businessmen, and a subset of our current Board of Education members met and decided that Douglas County School District (DCSD) would ‘Reinvent Education’. This was decided despite the fact that DCSD was a high-performing, destination district. This was decided without community, parent, or DCSD staff input. This was a business deal. Shortly thereafter, Board of Education members were elected using large campaign contributions from a few individuals who reside outside Douglas County.

Where to catch your school board candidates — 9/16/15 (Denver Post)
If you want to catch a debate or forum to check out the views of your school board candidates, here’s a running list of the some of the ones coming up…

Douglas County schools try to keep up with technology — 9/30/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
To Gautam Sethi, Douglas County School District’s chief technology officer, computers are like notebooks.

Planning committee’s approach to Douglas County schools’ capital needs — 9/30/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Zeke Lynch remembers how he and his colleagues gave up nights and weekends in 2014 to analyze and categorize the feedback from more than 1,000 community members in 87 meetings throughout the school district about capital needs concerns.

Planning for student growth in Douglas County — 9/30/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
As Castle View High School enters its 10th year, it is turning away students who want to enroll because the Castle Rock school has no space for them.

Board of education’s approach to Douglas County schools’ capital needs — 9/30/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
According to Douglas County Board of Education President Kevin Larsen, the district has been diligent in addressing maintenance needs of its buildings as issues have arisen.

Aging buildings require constant attention — 9/30/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Kevin and Nicole DiPasquale, who have students in the Mountain Vista feeder area, have been involved in the Douglas County School District since 1998 when they moved to Highlands Ranch.

Douglas County School District, community vary on approaches to capital needs — 9/30/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The discussion about what the Douglas County School District’s capital needs are and how to pay for them has produced differing philosophies among district officials, parents and community members.

Driver wonders why some pass on good jobs — 9/23/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Douglas County School District bus driver Larry King doesn’t understand why more people aren’t jumping at the chance to drive for the district.

Bus driver shortage fuels concern in Douglas County School District — 9/21/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
For Highlands Ranch mother Kimberly Owen, sending her children to and from Fox Creek Elementary School on the bus has been a gamble this year.

Voucher appeal is no sure thing — 9/11/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School District will appeal its case involving school vouchers to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Renaissance school to seek charter status — 9/11/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Douglas County’s Renaissance Expeditionary Learning Magnet School is hoping to expand to middle school and high school as a charter school in 2017.

John Adams High School finds location — 9/11/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
New charter John Adams High School has found a location for its campus.

Douglas County School District decision to forgo ballot issue stirs criticism — 9/11/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Some parents and community members are criticizing the Douglas County School District for failing to put a bond measure on the November ballot to help pay for $275 million in construction and maintenance needs, such as replacing failing furnaces and air conditioning units and adding classroom space to address overcrowding.

Letter: Schools face building concerns — 9/10/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
Thanks so much for your recent article on safety in our Douglas County schools, noting mental health as an issue, along with the scarcity of counselors compared to other districts.

Letter: School board’s fiscal matters raise questions — 9/10/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
One of the Douglas County School Board’s pillars of achievement, according to its own website, is ” Sound Fiscal Management Under the Board’s leadership, the District has been able to get back onto solid fiscal footing. Thanks to conservative budgeting and sound fiscal management.” Yet they are willing to spend $1.2 million to make an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court for their ideological dream of vouchers? A voucher system that has already been ruled unconstitutional by the Colorado Supreme Court. The district claims all $1.2 million has been privately donated, but this raises even more questions. Who is buying the board’s allegiance?

Letter: School district priorities are tough to understand — 9/10/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
In his report on the discussion of safety at the Aug. 18 board meeting of the Douglas County School District, Mike DiFerdinando includes this quote from Superintendent Elizabeth Fagen. It is, “absolutely our number one priority in the district, and we wanted to be as transparent about it in as much of a way as we could, given the nature of safety.”

Meet the Douglas County School Board candidates — 9/5/15 (Douglas County News-Press)

School board committee seeks volunteers — 9/4/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The District Accountability Committee, an advisory committee of the Douglas County Board of Education, is seeking volunteers to fill two vacancies.

Field set for Douglas County school board race — 9/3/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The race for the three open seats on the seven-member Douglas County Board of Education will pit three incumbents against three challengers endorsed by the group Douglas County Parents this November.

Douglas County School District will ask U.S. Supreme Court to hear voucher case — 9/2/15 (Douglas County News-Press)
The Douglas County School District will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case involving the district’s voucher program. The state’s top court ruled the Choice Scholarship Program violated the Colorado Constitution.