Year of the Student Project

Douglas County students coordinate the press conference for the Year of the Student Project.

• The Strong Schools Coalition joins more than 40 other organizations in endorsing the 2013: Year of the Student Project. As an ardent proponent of strong public education, the Coalition stands with the key principles of The Project:

  • After multiple years of cuts, Colorado’s students – preschool through higher education – cannot wait any longer for us to provide the resources they need to succeed as citizens and members of the workforce:
  • High-quality, accessible early childhood education
  • Highly prepared, effective and supported teachersChallenging curriculum, individualized attention, expanded learning opportunities
  • Affordable, quality post-secondary education options

• With reforms and policies in place involving P-20 standards and accountability, educator quality and student achievement, Colorado stands to benefit profoundly from new investment in public education.

• State leaders can and must take action in 2013 legislative session.

• The time has come to do right by Colorado’s students.

The Strong Schools Coalition is proud to endorse the Year of the Student Project. We recognize and understand the importance of a high-quality public education system that ensures all students are equipped with the knowledge and abilities to be responsible citizens and are prepared to compete in our global economy.
— Laura Mutton, SSC President


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A campaign intended to nudge the 2013 legislature into taking education funding seriously kicked off Wednesday with student speakers urging citizens to join the effort…Dubbed 2013: Year of the Student, the effort is seeking individual and organizational endorsements and their commitment to contact legislators.