Q: Why was Strong Schools Coalition created?
A common concern voiced by current and past Douglas County School District Board Directors and administration is the need to effectively reach out to the majority of residents in Douglas County. The Strong Schools Coalition understands that the strength and cohesiveness of a school district is directly related to its local community. The Coalition will work to bridge the communication gap between the Douglas County School District and the community.

Q: What is the purpose of Strong Schools Coalition?
The Strong Schools Coalition will work toward delivering factual and complete communications to the entire community and will actively engage the community to gather their input. We support the highest quality teachers presenting the highest quality curriculum. All of our efforts are devoted to ensuring that DCSD students are the final beneficiaries.

Q: Who are its members?
The Strong Schools Coalition is made up of parents, teachers, business owners, and community members with and without students in DCSD. Our membership is meant to reflect the community and to provide a voice for those individuals who believe in public education and want to support Douglas County School District.

Q: What is SSC’s position as it relates to vouchers?
The topic of vouchers has polarized the Douglas County community. Other organizations already exist which provide arguments for and against vouchers. Strong Schools Coalition will work toward providing complete and factual information concerning this topic in order to assist the community members in making an informed decision regarding this topic.