Spread the Word

Want an easy and effective way to make a difference? Reach out to your friends and neighbors and tell them about the Strong Schools Coalition. The following simple steps will help spread the word about the important work of the Strong Schools Coalition:

  • Send an email to your friends telling them why you believe in the Strong Schools Coalition.
  • Join our growing network to stay up to date and informed.
  • Tell us what is important to you!

Be a Leader
If you want to make a real impact on the Douglas County School District, you need to stand up and be a leader. Our children are depending on us to speak up for them.

It is inspiring when people all throughout the community join together to raise awareness about the need for high-quality public education. It is important to remember that public education not only affects our children, but also our community as a whole.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Go through your contacts and bring together several different parents and/or teachers who are committed to keeping Douglas County Schools great and make them aware of our cause.
  • Host a house party and discuss the issues at hand.
  • Gather the names of others who want to become better informed by receiving our emails.
  • Reach out to other groups who believe in quality public school education.

The Strong Schools Coalition can provide you with all the materials you need to be an effective leader within your own community. Contact us to get started!