See what the community is saying about the Strong Schools Coalition:

I trust the information shared by the Strong Schools Coalition because they do not advocate for or against union, vouchers, specific educational practices (Common Core), charters, etc. SSC is a non-partisan group of parents and community members sharing information they find from reputable sources such as the Colorado Department of Education and the Douglas County School District through CORA requests. I like to quote Ronald Reagan’s “Trust, then verify.” And with SSC it is very easy to verify, because they provide links and are completely transparent.
— Parent of a middle school student and high school student in Highlands Ranch

The information Strong Schools provides is clear, concise, and complete. I like the fact that they cite their sources (which is usually the Colorado Dept of Education and DCSD itself!) and explain complicated subjects in a very easy-to-follow way. Their information is invaluable!
— Parent in Highlands Ranch

The Strong Schools Coalition is an amazing group of thoughtful, intelligent people of diverse backgrounds. The SSC leadership defines integrity. They are dedicated parents and community members who remember the outstanding public education system Douglas County School District once represented, and they are committed to restoring the opportunities for all of our children. They leave politics at the door and stick to the facts (always including their sources), exhaustively researching and double-checking every item before they publish it. All of this is done on their own time, making many personal sacrifices along the way. They have earned my respect and gratitude.
— Parent of two in Highlands Ranch